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Preface and Introduction
Table of Contents
Sovereign Honors and Rights can be Transferred
The Law makes all the Difference between an Authentic and a Fraudulent Claim
Natural and International Law
Eight Legitimate and Lawful Transfer Modes:
The First of Eight Transfer Modes Legally Conveying all Rights and Privileges (the 1st mode)
Three More Legally Binding Methods Transferred All the Rights to the Principality (the 2nd, 3rd & 4th modes)
In addition, Two more Legally Binding Methods Transferred all the Rights to the Principality (the 5th & 6th modes)
A Seventh and an Eighth Method also Transferred all the Rights and Privileges (the 7th & 8th modes)
The Mathematical Certainty of the Claim
Documents: Testaments and Witnesses to the Truth
Letters from the Imperial Family
What was Transferred
The Public and Non-Public Use of Titles in International Law
Maps of the Noble and Regal Territories belonging to Halberstadt
Maintaining Deposed Sovereignty and De jure Ownership
Problem -- Misinformation
Questions & Answers
Questions & Answers continued
Contact, Brief Recap and Affidavits